My 1st Game Jam – Wowie Jam!

This is going to be a busy weekend! I’m preparing stuff for my card game “A Game of Porcelain Thrones” which is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter on April 1, 2019.

And right in the middle of this, Jonas Tyroller comes up with his Wowie Jam! game jam. I’ve enjoyed his youtube channel a lot and he has a lot of well-thought out content delivered with a wacky style.

Make a game where every object in your game has possible interactions with every other object in your game.

This sounds (at least to me) a lot like how the Uncontrollable Spaceship plays. To be sure it’s OK to use it, I checked with Jonas and he said it would be fine to work from my existing thing.

The specific rule says “Recycling code and assets is allowed. No need to write everything from scratch.”

I’ve been remaking the 81766 site in WordPress because while I love Publii, I was having difficulty getting it to do everything this site will require. So a few of the development articles have not been redone here. In fact, the only page on the site that’s really polished is my World’s Most Interesting Privacy Policy page.

Uncontrollable Spaceship started as a test of the physics stuff built into Godot so that I could teach myself Godot while doing something interesting. I made a spaceship in a place with gravity and added some solid objects. I then made it so that the player could control the rocket’s thruster. One button — thrust or no thrust — that’s all the control the player has. Hilarity ensued.

Here is the web-playable version of Uncontrollable Spaceship that exists right now at the start of the jam.

This is a video of how I could see the above demo turning into a racing game:

I’ll be posting progress updates as I go along.

Sharing is caring 81766 style!