Affiliate Disclosure

This is why I am making this site:

You can figure that even though I’m making games, the purpose of this website (and of making games) is so that I can make money. Money can be traded for some nice things, such as food, shelter, and fancy cars.

Thusly I might have some links on this website that I will be compensated for with money (or other goodness) when you click on them or otherwise interact with them. And, of course, there’s some stuff I’d like to personally sell.

That said, right now I don’t have any extra swampland in Florida and I’m holding on to my shares in the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge — so for the most part the things I’m linking to are pretty reasonable and it isn’t costing you anything for me to link to them. Well, if you buy anything then that does cost you — but that’s all your decision.

Sharing is caring 81766 style!