About 81766.com

Computers and video games have come a long way in my lifetime. The great arcade machines and computer games that came out in the 1980’s are now easily created/recreated with modern tools and can run on everything from cell phones to web browsers.

I’m making video games like what I would have wanted to see when I was a kid and bringing you along for the ride. You can learn more about me (eric81766) here.

Why do I think that the process of making of games is interesting? Because it has reached the point where nearly anyone who wants to create a game can do so. There are so many tools available now which are free or cheap and yet they are incredibly powerful. An individual can easily learn the basics and start creating games, working by themselves just like back in the 1980’s. And they can now easily promote, share, and sell their games using other tools that are easily accessible. There has never been a better time for a solo video game creator to create their own work of art. And if additional game assets (art, sound, music, story, or even programming) are required, there’s a whole internet full of potential collaborators waiting to be accessed.

But with this great power comes great responsibility. Many modern games don’t have the smoothness of what I consider to be the “classic games”. While particle effects and other modern graphics wizardry can make the simplest game look fancier, fancy isn’t necessarily smooth. I’m going to share with you my thoughts on this that come from a lifetime of creating and playing games.

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