Excellent Godot 2D Tutorial Series

I just came across an excellent Godot 2D tutorial that would have helped a lot with trying to get stuff done for the Wowie Jam! game jam. There are so many things that I know must be possible (like having a title screen or global variables) but I don’t know how to do them in Godot and need a quick demonstration of how to do them.

What I liked most about this tutorial series:

  • It is text, not video, so I can skim it quickly to find things.
  • It covers how to make a title scene and how to make a scene load another scene (so that your title screen can go to your game screen). This is something I didn’t figure out during the game jam.
  • It covers how to make global variables, so that you can have variables accessible across scenes.
  • Everything is explained very clearly and concisely.
  • All the code is given at the end so it can be quickly referenced.

check it out here:

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