The OSS at work:

Defending YOU from meteors! To this day, the OSS quietly and behind the scenes continues to serve and protect our planet. As if meteors suddenly “spontaneously” explode… Either way, you have the OSS to thank for their decades of tireless service. NASA Captured Images Of A Giant Meteor Explosion Over Earth The “fireball,” which exploded … Read more

Commodore PET Emulator

I found a really cool PET emulator today. Even shows the chicklet squares keyboard below the screen with the graphics characters (no touch-typing for this PC). This is a nice looking emulator! Gotta love the 7167 bytes free. The screencap graphic I made is 34,386 bytes just by itself! Check it out at

Excellent Godot 2D Tutorial Series

I just came across an excellent Godot 2D tutorial that would have helped a lot with trying to get stuff done for the Wowie Jam! game jam. There are so many things that I know must be possible (like having a title screen or global variables) but I don’t know how to do them in … Read more

Wowie Jam! Update #3 Global Variables in Godot

I’ve read this documentation page on Singletons so many times. And so many other online Q&A’s about making Global variables in Godot. And those usually point back to that same documentation page. It’s actually SO simple that it needs to be explained more simply: Here’s what worked: Make a new script called and save … Read more