Twisting Falling physics tests

This is what I’m currently doing with Godot – testing the physics engine.

The most current and most interesting!

Stuff in this:

  • Two suns that emit bouncy green balls
    • one in the top center
    • one over the fan
  • a counter under the suns that tells how many green balls are in play
  • bright yellow trampolines
    • one in the center bottom
    • one at an angle to the right of the fan
  • a “giant fan” that blows stuff around
  • a crazy sphere that is huge and just moves up and down
  • a line pattern on the background that can point you in the direction of the top sun
This is the world map
This is the player view – up in top center near the top sun
Near the crazy sphere – you can practice flying around it!


R – restart the game
Z – fire two rotator thrusters to rotate left
X – fire two rotator thrusters to rotate right
/ – fire the main thruster engine

optional controls
A – fire the two rotator thrusters on your right to move left
S – fire the two rotator thrusters on your left to move right
O – fire the front left rotator engine
P – fire the front right rotator engine
K – fire the bottom left rotator engine
L – fire the bottom right rotator engine

The plan being that rotator engines will eventually be subject to damage and you’ll need to be able to steer the ship with what you’ve got

Exploring the game —

  • Go straight up to see the sun in the top center and watch the green balls emit — note that if they fall and bonk into you it will put you off course
  • Go up and to the right to see and feel the effect of the fan — hover slightly out of the wind effect to watch the green balls get carried by the wind
  • Go up and to the left to see the big crazy sphere – through it moves up and down so you may have to look for it
  • Drop straight down and bounce off the trampoline directly below you


A LOT of balls falling and the ground is bouncy. Try not to get caught under them.


My first physics test – infinite falling. You can chase after the two falling blocks and catch up with them and then push them around — all while falling!


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