Free Online Blob Maker Tool

I found this nifty free tool for making blob SVG shapes.

If you are the kind of person who needs this kind of art, this is the tool for you.

You can set the RGB color, the complexity (that seems to be how many node points it uses) and the contrast (that seems to be how round/not round the shape is).

It’s fun and easy and lets you just move the sliders around and let it create stuff. Download the ones you want.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to save a blob for later or come back to a previous blob. They are little once-in-a-lifetime thingys.

What I like about SVG graphics is that they are vector graphics and you can stretch or shrink them without losing details.

To display the graphics here on I used the WordPress plugin SVG Support by Benbohdi.

It seems to work!

The SVG files import easily into CorelDraw (my goto art tool).

I took this one in CorelDraw, added two eyes, and exported it as a png.

All in all, it’s a fun way to quickly generate some shapes to use as game art or at least use as placeholder game art.

I think this guy is pretty cute for a creature I created in a few seconds.

Here’s what the Blobmaker controls look like:

Have fun and get blobby! I put this blob into Godot and added a quick collision shape. Instant physics fun!

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